Below Please find a written Summarry of the presentation and to the right please find 3 videos that show how an actual appointment may be conducted.  The video may me conducted slightly different than the presentation , but follow the presentation as it is a proven track to run on.


1. Tell them why you are there, who you are, and what you plan to do for them:

Why  you are there:  I am here today becuase you  received the card in the mail or how they spoke with one of your associates on the phone about getting information on the cost of Final expenses.

Who you are: What we do is try to educate seniors on some of the issues that they are facing such as medicare and the high costs of final expenses. I am an independent licensed agent ( show them your license) which means I do not work for any one company in particular but  that I work for you to try to get you the best plans available. WE represent companaies such as Mutual of Omaha. Transamerica , Liberty Bakes and about a dozen more.  By being part of this group I have access to just about every company licensed in the state.  

What you plan to do: Well Mrs jonese  what I plan to do today is to show you what the average cost of final expenses are, wheter its burial or cremation. Then I will show you some options that are available to you. And then if you like what you see, we will see what plans you qualify for.  If you have any questions on Medicare, just remind me at the end of the appointment and we can set up a time to go over that. 

2.  Find the need: ( Very Important, this will make the sale)

    Mr Jones, I speak with people every day about Burial/Death insurance and Final Expense Life Insurance and I know there is only 1 reason that you would even talk with me about something like this. Well, 1 of 4 possible reasons.”

“The 1st reason is that maybe you have never pre-paid for your funeral or that you have no Life Insurance”

“The 2nd reason may be that you have a small life insurance policy but it’s not enough to cover the funeral, so you’re thinking about getting another policy, IF IT’S EASILY AFFORDABLE”

The 3rd reason is that you have taken out life isurance to cover your funereal expense for your loved ones but you want to comapre programs to see if we can help save you money or offer addiotnal benefits to you,

“The 4th reason is that maybe you already took care of your funeral arrangements and you are not really concerned with that BUT YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE TO LEAVE SOMEBODY SOME MONEY WHEN YOU DIE! (if you are with a couple then say) because as you know, when there are 2 people living off of their social security checks and when one of them dies, there is only one check left every month to pay the same exact bills.”

“So, where do you fit into this?”

3.  Go Over Average cost of a funeral or cremation: 

Now Mrs, Jones, how Much do you think final expenses cost today? Including Burial and memeorial services etc?

Use the material you have to go over.

Then Ask them if they know how much the government pays towards final expenses.Explain how Government only pays $255

Ask who their beneficiary is and if they have ever paid for a funeral (both these questions bring out emotion because they don’t want their kids to pay for the funeral and by asking if they have ever paid for one, this helps them remember the pain of paying all that money for a funeral.)When you had to pay waht was it like? Did you experience any financial problems.

4. Figure out their health situaiton:

 Mrs Jones in order for me to give you the best options I need to get an idea of your overall heatlh to see which plan is best for you.

 Ask them what medications they take and what they are for. Then you ask how their overall health is. "Have you had any heart problems, or kidney, or liver or lung problems? If so, when?" You need to know when because most applications only care about the past 2 years or so. Basically go over the quesitons on the Mutual applicaiton.

5. Now go over options:

Now Mrs Jones you told me earlier the reason you wanted me to come here today was________( use info from part 2) and the Good News it looks like you qualify for _________________.  This is one of best carriers. You qualify for an immediate Benefit plan or an graded plan( which ever one they qualify for) and explain how it works.  I usually write down 3  prices on my note pad. I try to match what I think they can afford. Once I write them down, I go over the prices and then hand them the sheet. I say, “Now, Mrs. Jones, I want you to look over these three prices and you tell me which one is best for you?

6. Write the app:

At that point, all you have to do is ask for their personal information. “Ok Great, Mrs. Jones, Now let me gather some information and see if we can get you qualified. I have your Date of birth as this and your adress is a your SSN and Drivers License”... the point is that you start writing the application.


Once you are in the door, be very casual and do your best to avoid the sales presentation for about ten minutes. Get to know your client.  Build rapport.  Talk to them about the area in which they live, find if retired,  what they did for work or what they do for work now,  what the trophy on the mantle is for, etc. Try to put hem at ease.  Eventually, you move to the presentation and by this time you are friends and this helps them listen and helps you know how to communicate to them. Here are the steps:



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