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GTL - Guarantee Trust Life:

To understand the step-by-step process: (CLICK HERE)


Complete online at:  


Then call for voice signature: 1-866-839-5132 

Fully automated, open 24/7 and only takes 3 minutes.

Telesales Processes

Welcome to our Telesales Resource Library
This page will help you:


  • Know which company to write in any particular situation for telesales
  • Help you understand the process to writing either an e-app or a voice signature app for each carrier

Mutual of Omaha: e-App Only

Important Training Videos

Liberty Bankers Life: Voice Signature Only

How to complete a paperless voice signature app with LBL:  

Paperless app pack for reading : (CLICK HERE)

 1-844-442-9871 (Interviewers are available)

Mon-Fri 8am to 9pm Crentra(9am - 10pm Eastern)

Sat 8am to 3pm Central (9am - 4pm Eastern)

Royal Neighbors of America: e-App & Voice Signature

Voice signature - for Simplified Issue Whole Life and GDB. Have this sheet Point of Sale worksheet completed and ready (CLICK HERE)

Then call: (866) 281-9228

Interviewers are available:

  • Mon-Fri, 8am to 9pm Central 
  • Sat, 8am to 2pm Central
E-app-only available in person

Prosperity: Starts with you completing info online via e-App, then calling and finalizing process with voice signature

Read step by step process: (CLICK HERE)


In summary:


1. You will begin app online here: 

2. Write down the App id # when submit the app online then call apptical at 1-800-737-6972 ext 1, to complete voice signature process.


Apptical Business Hours (Eastern Time)

Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 2:00am

Sat-Sun, 10:00am - 10:00pm

Royal Arcanum: e-App for Guaranteed Issue: 

Sons of Norway: e-App for SIWL and Guaranteed issue

Gerber: Voice Signature or E-app for Guaranteed Issue

AIG: e-App for Guaranteed Issue

VOICE SIGNATURE: Both SIWL and GUAR issue can now be done over the phone through a very simple process: (CLICK HERE).


Call 1-877-885-7612 

Hours : Mon-Fri - 8am to 6pm EST


e-App: (Can be done anytime)

Using the Gerber Life Agent Portal, you can work with your client via telephone to obtain the necessary information to complete a rate quote and an electronic application (e-App) on the Portal. Once the e-App is complete, it can be sent to your client via email for e-signature1 and submitted to Gerber Life electronically. This is an efficient way to work remotely and submit business quickly.

For more detailed product information, such as rates, underwriting guidelines, etc. please go to the specific company page within the company resource tab along the top.

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