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To Set Up Your Account

1. Click the Log In link on the home page. 2. Click 'Forgot password?' to set up your account.

3. Enter your username as your Foresters producer number, and the email you used on your contract to receive a temporary password* email.

 *You are advised to change this password, which can be done by clicking on your name in the top right, selecting the 'Account Settings', and following the 'Change Password' link.

Ways to Submit Business
  • Electronic Application

Company Website:

To access the electronic applications, log in to ezbiz. You will see two icons for electronic applications on the homepage: e-App (through iPipeline) and PlanRight (through the Apptical LiveApp tool).



  • Choose the iPipeline iGO e-App for Term Life, SMART Universal Life, Advantage Plus II Whole Life, BrightFuture Children’s Whole Life, and Prepared II Accidental Death Term. You do not require a username or password to launch the e-App. 


  • Choose PlanRight LiveApp for PlanRight Final Expense. Please allow 24 hours from receipt of this letter before logging in to LiveApp. LiveApp is only available for non-face-to-face sales. (Paper applications can be completed immediately.)

To launch LiveApp, enter your username and password*

Username: enter your Foresters producer number (e.g. 123456)

Password: enter For@, your Foresters producer number, and the four-digit year of your birth (e.g. For@1234561972)

For SFG Agent use only, Not for public use

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