3. FACEBOOK LEADS- SFG's innovative, exclusive and highly effective Facebook leads are here! Over 200 unique interactive ads to grab prospects' attention. You DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to participate. $15.00 to 20.00 each

Different Types of Leads:

At Shoreline Financial Group we offer 3 types of lead programs:

Many agents hold the mistaken view that a lead is a person waiting to buy insurance. Contrary to this perception, a lead is an individual who has responded to a problem which has been brought to his or her attention. The agent’s job is to guide the prospect to the conclusion that their product is the solution to this problem. The process of leading is called SALESMANSHIP.

Most Final Expense lead systems are built around two facts. First, Social Security only pays a $255.00 death benefit. Second, the ever-rising cost of a funeral is much higher than this Social Security benefit. The skilled agent uses these facts to ask questions and develop a presentation centered around the idea that a life insurance plan with a modest amount of coverage is the perfect solution!

Most leads will NOT become sales - that's just an inescapable fact. Leads are a numbers game - on average, 4-5 out of 20 leads will become sales - once you understand this then you will be able to move through the leads with proper expectations. One of our top agents put it so accurately and succinctly: “Some will, some won’t; so what? Move on.”  Why move on? Because even though it takes hard work and persistence, closing just 4 out of 20 leads allows an agent to make over $100,000 per year as shown below.

To be successful in insurance sales you must have people to see. The goal is to get yourself in front of 10-15 prospects every week. In order to do this, we recommend telephone generated leads or a combination of telephone, Facebook and direct mail leads.

In any business there are marketing costs involved. If you want to make over $100,000, you have to be prepared to spend $400-500 per week on your marketing to provide you with a minimum of 25 leads per week. Skimping on marketing and leads will quickly cause an agent to struggle: it's impossible to succeed without a consistent stream of prospects and sales.

Success in the field begins with a positive attitude and entails having realistic expectations and unflagging persistence. These three attributes mean the difference between a struggling agent and one who grows a lucrative business and career.  

The following numbers are actual results of succesful producers who purchase 25 leads per week (combination of direct mail and telephone leads):

Why Lead Programs Are Important

"It's Simple But It's Not Easy"

If you buy 25 leads a week for 50 weeks =                 1250 leads

and 35% of leads become appts. (conservative)      437 appts.

and 50% become sales (conservative) =                     219 sales 

avg. sale is $60/mo. (250 x $60/m) =                     $13,125 premium

Annualized x 12 months =                                       $157,500 premium

less cost of leads (1250x $20.00) =                        $25,000

Annual Net Income                                                  $132,500                    


                 That's $11,000/month

                       Plus Renewals

What is a Lead?

1. DIRECT MAIL LEADS- SFG's fixed-cost direct mail lead program is highly targeted, exclusive, measurable and familiar to prospects. We send out mailers offering prospects the opportunity to request information about insurance to cover their burial expenses. Agent pays only for the leads that come in. CALL (860) 552-4774 FOR PRICING.

2. TELEPHONE LEADS-Telemarketer calls prospects in areas agent provides us and explains that Social Security only pays up to $255 towards burial costs and that a Final Expense specialist is available in their area to talk about a low-cost life insurance program. Our phone leads are fresh, warm and like all our leads - exclusive to the agent.  10-$15.00 each

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