How to Submit Business

Telephonic Processing


Mon - Fri, 9am - 10pm EST

Sat, 9am - 4pm EST



LBL Resources

For SFG Agent use only, Not for public use

Company Website



Generic login

Username: life

Password: agent


Contact Information


Agents press 2

Then press 1

Then following extentions:

1. Sales support

2. Underwriting

3. Contracting

4. Status of new business or to make a change

5. Automatic quote 

6. Claims

Video Library

  • e-App

      *Available once fully appointed

      *Available with 2-minute voice signature call

  • Telephone Processing


       Mon - Fri, 9am - 10pm EST

       Sat, 9am - 4pm EST


You MUST submit your first piece of business via telephone.


After that, you can keep submitting by phone or submit via e-App and have an underwriting call that is 2-3 minutes vs 20-30 minutes.

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