We will take you from


in these 5 steps:

1. Understand Medicare  

  • What original Medicare covers
  • What are the costs associted with it
  • What Medicare doesn't cover (gaps) 
  • Options seniors have to cover the gaps (Med Supp, Med Adv, presciption drug program)



       Video: Medicare Basics                                                              Video: How to Fill The Gaps


2. Who is Eligible for Medicare & When Can They Enroll

  • Who is Eligible (seniors, spouses, disabled, citizens--explained)
  • When can they enroll (AEP, OEP, Turning 65, special enrollment periods)


      Video: Eligibility and Enrollment                                    Video: Special Needs Plans (Chronic, Dual, Institutional)


3. Which Product is Best for Your Client

  • This requires one-on-one session going over 2-4 carriers in your area to show you the benefits of each.
  • Show how to Check Presciptions
  • Show how to Check Doctors
  • Show how to compare additional benefits
  • Show how to determine DSNP eligibility


                                                                            Video: MedicareCENTER


5.  Enrollment

  • How to enroll client using cutting edge software
  • How to cancel existing coverage
  • What to do after the sale to retain busines
PDFs: Click Below to View or Download    

Be sure to check out our "Addtional Training Videos" page.

The more you watch and listen, the more this will sink in.


Now that you are trained and ready to sell,

we need to go over how to get prospecting options.

4.  How to Run an Appointment

  • Understand scope of appointment
  • How to figure best option for client - Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage (DSNP or not)

 The presentation pack will go in your binder to go over together with prospect.

 The Medicare Overview is for agents to refer to on their own when they need to know about MSP, LIS and IRMAA

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