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The hardest part of the Final Expense market is making the calls. For that matter, the hardest part of sales is being disciplined enough to be consistent and persistent with your prospecting.  You have to be able to make the calls on a regular daily or weekly basis. This is by far the most important part of our program.


After you have made a commitment to a lead program designed to provide you with enough people to talk to  provide you with the type of income you are looking for you need to put your prospecting plan into action.

We strongly believe the  initial contact should be made by phone to make sure your time is used most efficiently.  With our proven phone script You should be able to make 15 appointments out of 25 leads, 10 you may not get a hold of or tell you no over the phone. (These people are put into our follow up campaign and are used for door knocking).  You will not contact everyone on the first attempt. 

You will need to set up strict calling times for your self in order to achieve this number of  appointments. You may get the apt n the 1st attempt, you may need to make 10 calls.  You may have to reschedule 3x with the client. 

Key Points to Booking Solid Appointments:

-Have proven phone script *- (once signed up with SFG- We will provide you with phone script.)

-Do not book more that 1- 2 days out.

-Have solid calling hours-Most agent use Monday morning  and evening to book appointments. for Tuesday.  They take leads with them on Tuesday and book appts. for Wednesday morning  and then call Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening to book appts.  for Thursday and Friday.  You should be calling whenever you get the chance, at least 3 mornings and 3  evenings for a total of 6 hours of calling time

Of those 15 apts  some will not be home or need to reschedule and 

Please refer to the following videos and resources to assist you in establishing a consistent, regular prospecting schedule:

Phone Lead Program

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